Saturday, April 2, 2011

i love pretty things

I have been a little quiet on my blog of late, I've been filling lots of orders and am now waiting on some more stock to arrive. Soon I will have some new things to show you.. but until then, I thought I would share this website with you.
It is i love pretty things.. It is a website where there is a whole directory of 'pretty things'.  They have an easter catalogue out, which you can have a look through via the site, and I have my charm bracelets featured in there if you look closely!
I recently got an email notifying me there is a Mother's Day catalogue coming up too, so you will have to keep your eye out for that one!  What a great idea, and I am very glad to be involved in it.  Thank you Kelly for asking me to be a part of it!

Hopefully I will have some new things to show you towards the end of the week, once I complete all of my orders!


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