Friday, March 18, 2011

My Etsy store!

Good evening bloggers!
Guess what?
The Etsy shop is up!! 
Well it was up on my last post, but now I have a cool new banner to go with it! Thanks to Nicole from LBM Designs for doing this for me.. she is a very popular lady and glad she took time to do this for me :) Check out her work here.
I'm pretty happy with my Etsy store so far, there is a bit of everything in there, including this charm bracelet that I made last night.. Loving this..

I was also included in a cool treasury! I only had the store for a day or 2, and had my little bitty earrings included in a treasury called 'show a little bit of love - pounce and buy'. I was chuffed to say the least!! You can view it here..
Well thats about all of the excitement I have had this week, make sure you check out my Etsy shop, and heart me too if you don't mind!!
Thanks <3

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