Sunday, February 20, 2011

300 Likers giveaway!

I would like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone of my fans that helped me get to 300 'likers' on my facebook page!
So, to celebrate I am having a giveaway.
I will be having 2, actually!  It will be a random draw, here's how it works....

Become a fan on my Facebook page, here OR
Become a follower of my blog OR
Comment on this post!

That's it!!
You will need to either comment here or on my facebook page (if you cant comment here on my blog) regarding the giveaway so I know to add your name to the draw!
Good luck!


  1. Oooh I'm first to long as it decides to work for me

  2. Ooh - add me please! Have added to FB and will follow you here too!

    x Danielle @FiveLittleReasons

  3. Wow your blog page is gorgeous!! Thank you for this oportunity, and I look forward to continuing following your blogs (and your facebook page)!

  4. congrats on 300 likers. I am now following this blog and on facebook too.

  5. Hi from Zoe @ Just Like Pandora. Loving all your stuff as always. Might need some tips on 'blogs' as just started mine!


  6. hiya from Jewellery To You & More goodluck with your comp - please pop over to my blog and join in my one day prize draw tomorrow

  7. Wow Kath, congrats on 300 likers...that's fabulous! :-D

    I'm following your blog and I *love* your FB page ;-)


  8. Kath - so glad the transition from glass ---> silver has been so exciting for you!

  9. Hey Miss Kathy!

    Love the work you are bringing out into the world! This is really your thing!
    Follow you on FB and your blog!

  10. Congratulation's on reaching 300 likes, I'm sure there will be plenty more...
    Tracey P.s I'm a Fan :)

  11. I must say I custom ordered a piece off Stamped Elements and could not possibly be happier... the piece is awesome as is the super fast service!

  12. I love your stuff, so elegant!
    Please enter me in the comp ;)

  13. Congrats on 300 likers. I am sure you will have many new devotess before you know it!