Sunday, January 16, 2011


The last week here in South East Queensland has been devastating.
Unless you have been living under a rock, my little corner of the world was devastated by flash flooding, starting in Toowoomba on the 10th of January.  It continued through to Withcott, Murphy's Creek, Grantham, Ipswich and Brisbane, and many places in between.  Grantham is a small tight knit community of 300 people and is now a crime scene.  So many homes and businesses have been destroyed, and many people will not want to return to Grantham ever again.  These people had no warning, and many lost their lives and their homes while being swept away by a huge wall of water which engulfed the town.
If anyone wants to donate, they can contact the Lockyer Valley Regional Council on 1300 005 872.  Also if anyone can put people up in their homes, as many people are left homeless now, with nothing left of their homes or belongings, so please contact the council.

I have decided to make something stamped, I will be making it in a couple of days, and then the piece will getting auctioned on my Facebook Page Stamped Elements.
Please keep checking out my page, and watch for details of the auction!


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